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The Department of Biological Sciences of the School of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires is located on the fourth floor of the Second Building of the University Campus (Ciudad Universitaria), in Núñez, a section of the city of Buenos Aires neighboring the Río de La Plata estuary, about 15 minutes by bus from downtown Buenos Aires. Its postal address is:

Phone numbres are (54-1) 781-5020 through 781-5029; the extension for the Secretary Office is 206 (direct line: 782-0582). Fax number (please state clearly name and department of recipient): 54-1-782-0620.


Facilities of the Biology Department include approximately 100 research laboratories with a total area of over 10,000 square meters. The Department employs ca. 340 people, including Faculty, Teaching Assistants, and various support personnel. Most academic positions are full time (with the exception of student TAs, which are part time), and involve both lecturing at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and research. In addition to people employed by the University, the Department hosts many researchers associated with other academic institutions, mainly the National Research Council (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas - CONICET), the Argetine Antarctic Institute, and a few others.


Teaching facilities are located on the underground, 1st., 2nd. and 3rd. floors of the same building, comprising many lecture halls and laboratories.

The Department offers between 40 and 60 undergraduate courses for the program Licenciatura en Ciencias Biológicas, which it implements and administers. Auxiliary courses in related fields (mathematics, physics, chemistry) are provided by other academic departments of the School. Occasionally, students are allowed to take undergraduate courses in other Universities. All lectures are in Spanish, although foreign-language (chiefly English) literature is used profusely. All undergraduate courses are free of charge. The total nominal time required to get a degree of Liceanciado (roughly equivalent to a Master of Science) is 6 years, although most students take closer to 7 or 8 years to finish their studies.

The graduate program, Doctorado en Ciencias Biológicas, is more loosely structured than the Licenciatura. Upon admission the student is required to accumulate 20 credits, mostly taking courses. The couses in question have to be approved a priori by a Doctoral Committee. Each course can yield up to 5 credits, but most postgraduate courses, whch are typically 1-4 weeks long, yield 2-3 cedits. These courses have have variable fees, typically around $ 50 to 150 (argentine pesos; 1 argentine peso = 1 US dollar). The Doctoral Dissretation is an original reserach work performed by the student under the suervision of a Professor; upion completion it is examined by an ad hoc committee and defended by the student in a public session. Completing this dissertation usually takes 5-6 years of full time work.

Updated: September 1995

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